Your New At-Home Chill Playlist

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The Beauté Study | Your New At-Home Chill Playlist

Busy days come and go but stress may still be here. Relaxing at anywhere is important to us at TBS. We love creating a nice bath, lighting some candles, and putting on a nice chill playlist. We created this playlist called “Inner Bliss.” We wanted our readers to have a relaxing moment anywhere they may be.

From sitting in the bath to driving on a road trip, this playlist is great for any occasion. We recommend listening to this playlist with these headphones and lighting this candle to best enjoy the experience.

Some of our editor’s favorites are on this chill playlist with other new artists. Sterling says, “While I am working on a new article or chilling with a nice book, I love these songs we added in the playlist. I hope you enjoy them as much as us.”

Go ahead and pour something to drink to enjoy the music. Head over to our brand Apple Music and Spotify accounts to enjoy the playlists. If you have any suggestions, leave us a comment on what are your favorite chill songs to listen to.

If you want to listen to our other playlists, check out our playlist list here. We even have a playlist for our special Instagram mood boards.



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